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Founded in 1971, Excelsior was originally known as Regents College. It has flourished to what it is today because of their ability to think outside of the box. With a virtually new concept about learning, Regentís was considered a radical yet revolutionary new idea because they believed that students should be awarded credit for what they already know. They realized that individuals learn in many ways and that new students come to them with knowledge gained from outside sources. Regents College was one of the first to recognize that knowledge and reward it. Through this concept Regents succeeded in becoming a world leader in education today and is now known as Excelsior College.

Excelsior College still maintains the integrity and high standards that were founded in the beginning and strives continuously to implement new and exciting programs that are designed to advance students in their quest for higher education. Excelsiorís Online Nursing Program is now ranked as the largest nursing school in the U.S. with one of ten students pursuing an associate degree or higher. It is Excelsiorís mission to remove the barriers that inhibit individuals from advancing their education so that those students can easily fit their educational advancement with their current lifestyle.

The Online LPN to RN or RN to BSN program at Excelsior

Students seeking to take that next step in their nursing career can count on Excelsior to provide it for them. Whether you are an LPN that has always wanted to be an RN, or a Registered Nurse that wants to continue on and receive an associates or bachelor degree, Excelsior College can offer you an online program that is suited to fit your active life style. The LPN to RN or the RN to BSN online at Excelsior College could be just the break you have been waiting for.

Excelsior understands that many students have already received education, whether formally or on the job training. That is why students are offered the chance to challenge portions of the nursing program requirements through CLEP exams. These exams give students the opportunity to ďtest outĒ of courses they already have knowledge in. In addition to allowing students to use these CLEP exams, Excelsior College has partnered with The College Network to even help prepare students for the exams. Thanks to TCNís Comprehensive Learning Modules, students that are unsure of their ability to pass the CLEP exams will be well prepared with the knowledge they need to successfully complete the exams and substantially reduce the amount of actual time spent in nursing school.

Excelsior College is an accredited college, and students with an education from Excelsior can transfer credits to other reputable colleges and universities. Such transfers can help students immensely when ultimately looking for an advanced degree, such as an MSN.

Are you an LPN or an RN that has been considering going back to school but putting it off because you simply donít have time? The time has come for you to move forward with your nursing education. Consider having The College Network and Excelsior College help you achieve your life long goals.


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