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In 1992, The College Network saw the need to help schools promote and develop an LPN to RN program that was guided towards making the transition easier for students. By collaborating with schools that offered an online LPN to RN program, The College Network was able to begin preparing students for the program, and helping them do it in shorter amounts of time than previously available.

The College Network developed a program that gave students the opportunity to test out of many credit hours of the actual LPN to RN program. By creating their patented Comprehensive Learning Modules, they are able to help students to study and then pass the modules, giving them the ability to then sit for the CLEP exams with confidence. Successful completion of the CLEP exams awards students valuable college credits towards the LPN to RN program. After obtaining college credits from the CLEP program, students are then able to finish the LPN to RN program completely online, and in as little as just 12 months.

An LPN to RN program that works

With the help of The College Network thousands of students have been able to make the transition from LPN to RN in record time. This not only helps students find their way into an RN position, but also helps make great strides in placing desperately needed RNs into the workforce.

Sherry S. was a LPN for 7 years and had always dreamed of being a RN. The problem was that her family depended on her for financial support, and she just could not afford to take the time off from work to go back to school. “I felt stuck, and I did not see a way out”, she claims. She goes on to say: “I wanted so bad to get my RN license, but my husband would have had to work a second job while I was in school. Knowing that it would take me nearly 2 years to become an RN, I could not do that to him.” This is a common statement among many LPNs in the workforce today, and a dilemma that faces working adults across the country.

The online LPN to RN program helps to alleviate this pressure. Working with The College Network to reduce the amount of time spent in college for the LPN to RN transition, graduates from the program can enter the workforce without the strain of managing school and a job, or even worse, placing the strain on to loved ones.

Who can benefit from The College Network?

Students that will most benefit from The College Network are those that are seeking an alternative to attending a campus based LPN to RN program. Since the LPN to RN transition is completed entirely online, students that struggle to find the time between work, family, the drive to and from class, and the time spent in a classroom, will find that an online LPN to RN transition will make the move to RN much easier.

Virtually all aspects of nursing can also benefit from what The College Network can offer. Until an online LPN to RN transition was developed, the vast majority of students in an RN program were young adults that had not yet developed a financial responsibility that held them to their jobs. Since the creation of online LPN to RN programs, schools have seen large increases in the number of experienced LPNs, many of which are middle aged. The reason for this surge in the number of “more experienced” students is simple: Online LPN to RN transition programs offer even working LPNs the ability to get their RN, without having to take time out from work and family to do it.

Contacting the College Network

If you are ready to get FREE information from The College Network about the online LPN to RN transition programs available, simply choose the program from the list below, and then give them a little information to get started. They will contact you, and you can be on your way to becoming an RN in no time at all.

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