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Occupational Therapy

The role of an occupational therapist is one of complexity and immense responsibility. It is their duty to encourage a healthy working environment by analyzing the various physical, emotional, cultural, and political factors involved in the workplace. Occupational Therapists use researched data in an array of working conditions to create programs and environments that enable workers to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible and still ensure that the worker is fulfilling his or her role in a healthy manner. Some of these programs may include routine exercises that are completed before engaging in laborious work. Programs like this help to prevent such disabling effects as carpal tunnel syndrome and back injuries.

Occupational Therapists do a great deal more than just devise healthy programs. Using extensive knowledge in medicine, anthropology, physiology, and even architecture, a Physical Therapist can treat patients suffering conditions caused as a result of workplace conditions. They work in clinics, schools, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, mental health practices, and even home health care. It is their goal to help their patients better perform tasks, no matter what the environment.

Becoming an Occupational Therapist

Those with a desire to work in Occupational Therapy have a few routes they can take. If previous training has been limited to only on the job experience, then perhaps the best start would be to become an Occupational Therapy Aide. However, those with previous formal education may be seeking an advanced degree, such as a Master, or even obtaining a PhD.

Regardless of experience or training, interested individuals have options in online education. Since online education allows students to actively participate in an accredited classroom from home, it is often the preferred choice for busy adults that must maintain a work schedule, but still want to further their education. Online certification and degree programs in Occupational Therapy are available, and many students are already finding out just how an online program versus a campus based program can take away many of the challenges students face in obtaining higher education.

Online Occupational Therapy Options

Online options for Occupational Therapy Schools are available. Information can be requested from the school of your choice, or even all available schools. Contact them for the FREE information you need to continue your education!

Occupational Therapy

A.T. Still University


MS Advanced Occupational Therapy Studies

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Penn Foster

Penn Foster


Occupational Therapy Aide

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MS Occ Therapy

Boston University


MS Occupational Therapy

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Doctor of Occupational Therapy

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Occ therapy

Quinnipiac University Online


Post Professional MS - Occupational Therapy

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