Paramedic Burnout - Not the end of a career anymore

Paramedic Burnout

Paramedics and EMTs have long hit walls in their career when it comes to advancement. The pressures of intense emergency situations and the long and irregular work hours contribute to this in the form of Paramedic Burnout.

In a book by Darrell V. Maxwell, The Burnout Paramedic: Remedy And Prevention , the author describes how his attitude and enthusiasm for his job changed after a series of extremely stressful runs. These types of emergency responses are typical causes of Paramedic Burnout, and without a remedy, the Paramedic will eventually be unable to do his job correctly. Also, because of the limited training and career paths available to Paramedics the medic may very well also find himself without other employment options.

Since the introduction of trained Emergency Medical Responders to the street in the late 1960s and early 1970s, personnel have been struggling to prove themselves as being trained and capable enough to call themselves "medical professionals". Since most of their training is based purely upon emergency life saving techniques and have had very little long term care instruction, EMTs and Paramedics have found a difficult time merging into any type of long term care roles.

The search for new venues to add nurses to the medical industry

The U.S., as well as most of the world, has been in a severe shortage of trained nurses, and the problem is only growing. An aging population and an increase in sickness and health issues has been the major contributor to the shortage, but another issue is simply that individual economic struggles among the population prevents many from taking the advanced education needed to become a nurse.

Difficulties in adding new nurses to the healthcare system have forced teaching institutions to seek alternative ways. One of the ways is by finally looking towards EMS workers as a source. As a result, the training that Paramedics have received throughout their career is at long last being looked at closely by the medical community, and well deserved recognition is finally being granted to Paramedics. It is this recognition of training and skill that is finally giving Paramedics the leverage they need to merge into long term healthcare training, and use their skill towards REAL nursing programs.

A new way into long term care for Paramedics

Today, as Paramedics are searching for ways to step away from the stress of the streets and Paramedic Burnout, colleges are developing a transition course for them to cross over into nursing. The training that Paramedics have received over the years is being credited towards licensure as a registered nurse, giving a Paramedic the added incentive they need to help fill some of the voids the medical community is experiencing in qualified nursing professionals.

If you are a Paramedic and are looking for a way to help prevent, or solve, the stress created by Paramedic burnout, take a look at the Paramedic to RN transition program. It's FREE information, and it very well could be the answer you have been looking for to create a lifelong career out of medicine.

With the help from Achieve Test Prep, students can complete their program of choice in up to half the time of traditional programs. LPNs, LVNs, Paramedics, and Respiratory Therapists can start this program with NO WAITING LIST. Free books and low cost financing are available, in an instructor-led program that can be done in one of their over 65 campuses nationwide or online.

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