LPN to ADN Online Degree (Associates Degree in Nursing)


Almost every LPN entered the nursing field with intentions of some day advancing to become a registered nurse, and possibly even a higher position. However, due to time and working restraints, many find themselves unable to spare the extra time it would take to drive to school and sit in a classroom. Going from LPN to ADN might not seem like something they have time to do.

Fortunately, times have changed and getting an ADN degree is not as difficult as it use to be. The LPN to ADN online program is paving the way to a new era in nursing education. By allowing LPNs to complete the AND program completely online, colleges are giving access to a nursing education that had been too difficult for working LPNs before.

Convenient curriculums that are completed on the students own schedule in a compact program allow the LPN to get their ADN, without ever attending a campus based classroom. Students can fulfill all of the didactic course requirements right from their home computer. Clinical time and mentorship time is scheduled at facilities that are near to the LPN. The added benefit of doing clinical time in a convenient place, not only reduces driving time, but gives the LPN the ability to be mentored by peers that they already know and trust.

Going from LPN to ADN online has more perks than just convenience. By working with The College Network, students can drastically reduce normal academic course time requirements. More than 150,000 students have now discovered how The College Network can help them advance their education and obtain the degree they have been wanting. Together with the LPN, The College Network can help find and LPN to ADN degree online that will offer affordability and convenience.

LPN to ADN online while still meeting your obligations

With the help from The College Network, students will become prepared to enter the LPN to ADN online program. Students will be given CLEP, DSST, and the Excelsior College examinations, which can be applied toward the LPN to ADN program as college credits. All of this convenience and a degree accredited through the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

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