The Online MSN Bridge Program Lets RNs Take Charge of Their Careers

RN to MSN Bridge

There are many career paths in the world of nursing, and many different ways for nurses to apply the skills they have learned in the classroom and on the job. From the traditional hospital setting to medical clinics and doctor’s offices, nurses are applying their trade skills in many different settings. In addition to the traditional medical setting, many of today’s nurses are working in administrative roles, helping insurance companies review claims, helping to ensure proper patient care and helping to uncover waste, fraud and abuse in the system.

No matter where they work, many registered nurses are looking for a way to move their careers forward and make the most of their education. For many years registered nurses have enhanced their careers and their earnings by pursuing advanced degrees like the MSN, but unfortunately many barriers often stood in the way. For instance, the schedules offered by many traditional MSN degree programs were not realistic for working nurses, forcing many RNs to quit their jobs to pursue their goals of a higher education. In addition the expenses associated with getting an MSN degree – not only tuition but also travel expenses going to and from the campus – often meant that nurses had to spend many years just paying back their student loans and getting out of debt. While the goal of an MSN degree was certainly a worthy one, and path was often filled with roadblocks, and many RNs simply gave up in frustration.

Introducing the RN to MSN Bridge

Fortunately there is now an alternative to the traditional classroom when it comes to crossing that RN to MSN Bridge. Registered nurses can take the courses they need to complete their MSN degrees online, providing flexibility that the traditional campus simply cannot match. Since these RN to MSN Bridge programs offer the same accreditation as traditional colleges and universities, the nurses who complete them can be assured that their degrees will be respected in the marketplace.

There are many reasons why a RN would want to move on and get an advanced degree. One of the most obvious reasons is to advance his or her career. In the medical field there is always a need for hard working dedicated professionals, but those professionals also need specialized skills and training in order to do these vital jobs effectively. By pursuing an MSN degree online, registered nurses can harness the skills they learned in school, along with the real world knowledge they have learned on the job, and combine it with the new skills they learn in the virtual classroom. All of this real world knowledge and classroom training can combine to create students who are truly rounded individuals, and this can be a great benefit for nurses and patients alike.

Continuing education is an important part of the world of health care, and pursuing the RN to MSN Bridge online is a great way for nurses to grow their knowledge and their skills without sacrificing either their current careers or the care their patients need.


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