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The demand for highly educated nurses is on the rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts job opportunities in the nursing field will increase by 22 percent up to 2018, creating an excellent career outlook with over 500,000 new job openings.

Currently, a shortage of nurses is a plight felt in many areas of the United States. Employers find it a challenge to recruit nurses due to a lack of graduates from traditional nursing schools and a large number of the current workforce nearing retirement.

Online Master of Science in Nursing programs were developed in response to the lack of teaching faculty at campus-oriented education institutions. The shortage of nursing instructors has resulted in non-admission of prospective students at campuses, despite the dearth of advanced practice nurses.

An online Masterís of Nursing degree at an accredited education facility is customarily viewed as first-rate credentials by relevant associations and major employers. Employers are well aware of the stresses a student can face while working and going to school, and respect any student that dedicates the time and effort into their education.

Master of Science in Nursing

Employment advancement for registered nurses

A Master of Science in Nursing degree is compulsory for nurses who wish to qualify as an advance practice nurse or move into management-level administrative careers. While a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is mandatory for admittance to most masterís degree programs, RN to MSN Bridge programs are available. A direct entry Master of Science in Nursing program is suited for non-nurses with a bachelor degree in another discipline.

Online universities offer specialized Master of Science in Nursing programs in various niches. In addition to the fundamental Master of Science in Nursing, students may pursue advanced education in:

Obtain your MSN degree online either on a full-time basis or part-time while you work!

It is anticipated that, as hospitals continue a policy of minimizing patient overnight stays, the need for advanced practice nurses will escalate. Advanced practice nurses are trained and permitted to provide both essential nursing care and specialized healthcare. Clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners will experience broadened career opportunities.

Employment growth in hospitals is expected to be limited over the coming years. Physiciansí offices, freestanding ambulatory surgical and emergency centers, rehabilitation services, long term residential care and home healthcare are gaining precedence over in-hospital services, thereby generating the majority of future advanced practice nurse job openings.

Earnings for a nurse with a Master of Science Degree vary dependent on geographic location and form of employment. Generally, the hourly wage is between $31.00 and $50.00 per hour. School districts, colleges and universities compensate at the low end of the scale, while foundations/trusts, self-employed and contracted nurses draw wages at the high end. Federal, state and local governments, private practice firms and franchise operations are in the median position.

A profession as a nurse involves a commitment to life-long education. An online Master of Science in Nursing Degree furnishes nurses with the capabilities to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career in any of the diverse possibilities in the healthcare field.

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