Achieve Test Prep (ATP) – A more convenient way to earn your degree faster.

Whether you are an older adult looking to obtain your degree, or just entering the workforce, getting a college degree seems like a difficult task. The economy has changed, and so has the mindset of today’s society. The days of taking a break from work and family to go to school, are long gone for most of us. We have to find new ways to juggle work, family, and education, in order to maintain the household. Achieve Test Prep has designed a program, with the working class in mind. Using a combination of modern technology and an educational structure designed to fit around work and family life, ATP can help you obtain a degree from the college of your choice, in less time, more affordable, and a classroom schedule to fit your needs.

How can ATP help you?

ATP offers an instructor based program that allows you gain the knowledge you need to “test out” of required degree components and earn college credit-by-examination. Students get to work directly with their instructor and fellow classmates, while learning the essential material needed to pass exams for each course. Here is a list of some of the benefits:

A simple breakdown of how it works.

  1. Each student is evaluated, based on previous education, to see what they get credit for and what they still need.
  2. Achieve Test Prep will enroll you in test-prep classes, for each course you still need for your degree.
  3. Complete each class, and pass an official test-out exam, at an appropriate testing center.
  4. Complete your clinical exams. Whether these are text based or externship based, ATP is there to provide you the material you need to complete the requirements.
  5. Pass the NCLEX, with the help of Achieve Test Prep to help you learn what you need.

Questions about how Achieve Test Prep works

Does my previous education count towards my degree?

Yes! ATP will evaluate all of your educational history, regardless of how long ago, and assist you in getting credit for that education.

How does Achieve Test Prep save me time?

ATP offers courses once a week over a four to ten week structure. At the end of the course, students are ready to test-out of each course. Most times, this is significantly shorter than attending traditional college courses. Ambitious students can even double up on their course load, thus completing two courses simultaneously.

What if I do not pass the test-out?

While most students have a 92% pass rate, when assisted by Achieve Test Prep, there are instance where students need remedial training. ATP offers this for FREE, through Achieve911. Achieve911 is designed to work on an individual basis with students, to ensure they have and learn the material needed to pass.

Is financing available?

Low cost financing is available. Achieve Test Prep understands the financial crisis that many are in. By offering low cost financing, and the ability to avoid many of the high costs of traditional colleges, ATP offers free books and an affordable solution to obtaining a college degree.

Will my degree be accredited?

Yes! You choose the college. ATP is there to help you get the credits. ATP teaches you the knowledge needed to pass the test-out exams for the courses you choose, and at the college of your choice.

How long before I can start?

You can start right away. As we all know, most college waiting lists can be very long. By choosing to let ATP help you, you can gain valuable college credits from those colleges, without having to be first placed on a waiting list.

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