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Paramedic to RN Transition Online - An answer to a career roadblock Paramedics face

If you ask any new EMT or Paramedic what they have planned for long term goals, most will tell you they could not dream of any career outside of EMS. The job is very addictive, and the training is nearly as intense as the job itself. However, after a few years of the strains and pressures of the job, most will suffer a form of EMT Burnout and begin to look for something else to turn to in a medical career. The problem is, most EMS education is informal and will not offer credit towards a professional environment such as a hospital or physician's office.

A Paramedic to RN transition program is available online!

Paramedics now have a way out, without having to give up a career in medicine. The transition to RN has now been created, so that Paramedics can easily move into a more stable environment and still provide care to patients, just like they have for years.

Achieve Test Prep can help you through the Paramedic to RN program, in much less time, and for much less cost.

Limitless job opportunities and a new pay scale

The Paramedic to RN transition program graduates will be able to find new life in their career. The current shortage of nurses in the U.S. virtually guarantees any nurse multiple opportunities in such places as hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, extended care facilities, and much more. A career in nursing offers the same satisfaction of helping patients that Paramedics have loved for so long, yet it opens up new doors and gives Paramedics a feeling of new life in their career.

The pay scale for Paramedics has become stagnate. Most Paramedics work for an ambulance service or a fire department, and since those agencies work off of limited funding and strict regulations on rates, many cannot offer Paramedics the pay scale they truly deserve. A career in nursing opens up new venues for Paramedics. As a nurse, the pay scale is almost automatically increased over what they had been making as a Paramedic, and with the seemingly endless spectrum of nursing jobs and specializations available, nurses can almost choose their own rate of pay.

A Program that is designed for working individuals

Through Achieve Test Prep, students can put their previous education and experience to work for them. ATP allows you to choose between a brick and mortar classroom and online courses to complete the RN degree program. By helping students "Test-out" of the required degree classes, ATP can drastically speed up your education, and put students into the fast-track of obtaining their nursing degree.

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