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According to sources, Allied Health professions make up more than 60 percent of our nation’s health care system. That means that for every physician office, hospital, and nursing home the majority of people that work within are not train as a doctor or nurse.

Think about this, our nation suffers from a tremendous shortage in qualified health care workers. Great emphasis has been placed on how many nurses and doctors are needed, but one fact gets overlooked. We also suffer a huge shortage in the number of Allied Health workers that are also needed. Workers in such fields as diagnostics, therapy, technical, clerical, and even direct patient care positions are desperately needed to fill our medical facilities enough to adequately care for the ever increasing number of patients that are seen on a daily basis.

Health care employment does not have to take years of training

The Allied Health system in the U.S. is comprised and a great many different roles. Those that fill these roles do generally have some degree of formal education, but what many do not realize is that most of these positions required training that lasted from only a few short weeks to a college degree education. Such positions as clerical positions and general office work may not receive any formal education at all.

Allied health education is available all over the country and usually at many locations in each state. However, a vast number of Allied Health classes can also be taken online, through distance education programs. Tuitions are very often funded by such things as grants, scholarships, and even employer reimbursements. Some programs even qualify for low interest rate Federal student loans.

Willpower can overcome unemployment

The unemployment rate in the U.S. is a staggering figure. However, the vast majority of those that are unemployed DO have options. It is the lack of public education that hinders most from knowing their available options. With the health care system in such dire need of trained people, the opportunity for employment is available to those that have the willpower to go out and get an education to fill those empty positions.

Great jobs available in Allied Health

Because of the broad spectrum of jobs covered under the title of Allied Health, it is impossible for us to list them all. However, a few such positions are Radiology Technicians, Medical Billing and Coding specialists, Physical Therapy jobs, and even a patient care position like a CNA or MA. Many office positions can be found among the various health care institutions, and those with the freedom to be away from home can also find jobs in the travel health care industry.

Take a look below at some of the educational opportunities available to those seeking an Allied Health career. Request free information directly from the school of your choice, and get your career moving forward, instead of sitting still.

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