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A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is a registered nurse (RN) that uses their medical training to assist in legal cases. The LNC utilizes their skills to help attorneys by reading medical records and explaining the terminology and health related issues to help an attorney make their case. You are not expected to know legal law to become a legal nurse. Your job is only to assist the attorney by giving an accurate bipartisan explanation of records. You may also expect to screen cases, assist in discovery and review medical records in order to find a standard of care. It is also up to the legal nurse to prepare reports on injury or manner of illness, and be able to demonstrate your evidence during court proceedings. The legal nurse consultant is a key member to any litigation team where healthcare is relevant to a case.

Legal Nurse

Many legal nurse consultants work from the comfort of their home. This provides a more relaxed atmosphere to work in and may let them set their own hours so that their new career fits perfectly with their personal schedule and lifestyle. There are several certifications that can be achieved dependent upon the amount of dedication and commitment. If you desire a basic education, that is available, but if you have a passion for both law and medicine you may want to seek a more comprehensive educational training. Below is a list of specialty fields that may interest you.

Who Would Seek The Expertise of a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Agencies, companies, and corporations all across the country utilize the services of a legal nurse consultant's expertise. The demand is high for skilled consultants whether they live in large or small cities. The list below provides some of the most popular choices of employment for a legal nurse consultant.

What Level of Education is Required to Become a Legal Nurse?

A BSN degree is not a requirement! An RN license is all that is needed to begin your CLNC training. Attaining a specialty certification can change the course of your life in many ways. You can expect higher salary, benefits, and in most cases more reasonable working hours.

How Much Can I Earn as a Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC)?

Legal Nurse Consultant's wages vary dependent on the place of employment and the duties they are performing. An average wage for a legal nurse consultant ranges from $100.00 to $250.00 per hour. Larger more populated cities tend to pay more per hour than smaller cities. An added bonus is that if you enjoy your work as a registered nurse but desire the increase in pay that a legal nurse consultant makes, you may retain your present employment as well. You can achieve the best of both worlds!

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