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The increasingly competitive job market has led many potential students to look at furthering their education to enhance their career prospects. For those that have busy lives and personal responsibilities the opportunity to gain a relevant and current qualification by online learning is a real one.

A number of online colleges now cater to the increasing demand for online learning and because the colleges are online, you are not limited by geographical location. So take the time to consider a number of institutions and consider your options carefully.

One college that is particularly professional is the American Intercontinental University Online and they are accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Another advantage is that they offer a flexible scheduling plan which provides a number of options to study at a time which is convenient to you and your family and other commitments. The Take 1 option, for example, allows students to proceed at a relatively slow pace by taking just one course each 5 weeks. The Take 2 option, on the other hand, allows students to complete a course in the shortest possible time.

Another impressive facility is the interactive campus which allows you to view lectures and course content using multimedia presentations. Interaction with others is a key element of learning and the main reason that people cite for choosing a real faculty over on-line learning. This has generally been overcome in the e-learning profession by the extensive use of email, online chat areas and discussion boards. Projects are group based and therefore it’s relatively easy to develop contacts and make friends with other students.

All the courses available are current and relevant and this means that any knowledge gained is up to date and therefore in demand. The University takes pride in its preparation of students and they recognise the importance of a balanced approach to education. One to one academic guidance and career development assistance is available, in addition to the services of a Career Advisor who helps students to obtain a suitable job after graduation. This help includes the creation of a resume, writing effective cover letters and conducting practice interviews. This can be a big help in obtaining a suitable position that matches your aspirations.

One problem that students frequently find with online learning is that they sometimes require help in configuring software or in using multimedia technology. This has been addressed by the University offering a 24/7 technical support team to help students get, stay and learn online.

So whatever your interests or aspirations, take a look at what’s on offer at the American Intercontinental University Online and enhance your career prospects now!

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