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LPN to RN Programs: Taking the Next Step in Your Nursing Career

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, you provide a huge percentage of bedside care, whether you work in a hospital, private clinic, long-term care facility or nursing home. On the job, you are able to perform many of the same functions as an RN, under supervision from an RN or physician. You're off to a good start in your nursing career, but as you know, there aren't a lot of higher-level career options for LPNs. If you're serious about your nursing career, you're going to have to take the next step.

What is the next step? For many nurses, it's an online LPN to RN degree program. Online nursing programs have many benefits. For one, they typically cost only about half as much per credit as brick-and-mortar programs do. Also, online degrees can be earned in as little as twelve months (although you can also take as long as you want). Finally, online LPN to RN programs allow you to study when it's convenient. Working LPNs love this flexibility, as it means no break in income.

After graduation from your LPN to RN program, here are some benefits you can expect to enjoy:

Higher Salary

The average RN is in a position to earn about $15,000 more per year than the average LPN. Your enhanced earning potential is related to three factors. Firstly, a LPN to RN program adds at least a year of academic experience to your resume. Secondly, you will have done significantly more hours of clinical training than a LPN. And thirdly, as a RN you will be able to work with little or no supervision in many areas. All these factors mean that RNs are a better investment for employers than LPNs are - and that translates to a higher salary for you.

More Professional Respect

As a RN, you'll enjoy more professional respect from your peers than you did as a LPN. Your capacity to work independently and to take on leadership roles will make you a valued member of care teams in hospitals and other settings. RNs are also given more opportunities for professional growth, and they are perceived as being more dedicated to their long-term careers.

Eligible for Higher Education

After graduating from an accredited online LPN to RN program, you may decide to continue your formal education. Your RN degree will enable you to do this. You could pursue a BSN degree, or consider an accelerated program like RN to MSN. Whether you continue your education straightaway or decide to work for a few years first, a RN degree positions you for an advanced education - which in turn will lead to even better job opportunities.

Able to Specialize

RNs are able to choose from interesting specialties such as occupational health, public health, nephrology, pediatrics, geriatrics, or neo-natal care. As a LPN you will only be able to go so far, and your experience will be limited to basic bedside care. It is only when you enter the rich world of specialization that you'll really be able to explore the complexity of the nursing profession.

With the help from Achieve Test Prep, students can complete their program of choice in up to half the time of traditional programs. LPNs, LVNs, Paramedics, and Respiratory Therapists can start this program with NO WAITING LIST. Free books and low cost financing are available, in an instructor-led program that can be done in one of their over 65 campuses nationwide or online.

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